Benny’s Gourmet 

Benny’s Gourmet 

Rating 6/10

Kids Menu – No

Pushchair access- Yes and could fit a double 

Babychange – yes but could not fit the pushchair in the toilet. 

Prayer facility – didn’t ask 

Breast feeding friendly – No where private 

Alcohol – No

Parking  – limited paid parking outside, multi story a few minutes walk, bus stops nearby.
So last week I was out doing the dreaded school uniform shopping,  There are limited all halal joints around Reading town centre, so I opted for Benny’s as I couldn’t face a busy and stuffy KFC. 
On first look the place looks bright and snazzy considering It’s in the bottom of a grotty travel lodge hotel, There are stairs covered with artificial grass leading up to the doors, but it’s not apparent there is a ramp to the left of the building,  this leads into the hotel where you can gain access to the restaurant. I might of easily given up had I not known the access from a previous visit. I think you could fit a double side by side pram, but if the restaurant was full you may have to leave it outside. It was only after I sat down I saw a small printed sheet of paper at the top left of the front window explaining about access. Could not see anywhere I could breastfeed discreetly anywhere in the restaurant. 

It was quiet so we chose our own seats,  the waitress came over and was very friendly and explained that we order and pay at the counter. 

I opted for a Texas Bronco beef Burger and a Vimto. You get to choose beef, chicken or vegetarian.  They don’t have a specific kids menu but the have a downsize option at £2.75 per burger, so two of those. The boys wanted a Smarties milkshake as all the options are on display. I requested a small milkshake and asked for it to be split into two glasses, I with baited breath to be told no – but there was no problems with my request and the lady was very accommodating. We shared a standard fries as the burgers are just that; a burger, all sides are extra. The bill came to a little over £20. I felt a bit robbed to be honest! But the milkshake alone was £3.95 so around 20% of the bill. 
I decided to try and get the dreaded toilet trip out of the way before food and not be disturbed half way though eating, not this day! Its just a one room cubicle, Nice and clean with a baby change. I am not sure I would of fitted all three of us and baby M in the pram, with the door shut. So no loo break for me ! 

The milkshake arrived first and in true style the boys decided sitting bum on seats is for loosers, and proceeded to run around and shout at each other, joining forces with other children that were also in the restaurant at the time. Again the waitress who was serving the counter was very accommodating so none of the usual raised eyebrows! 

The downsize cheeseburger

The boys food arrived first,  I felt really let down as the downsize burger is what I suspect a frozen patty, it was of the standard of a kebab shop that places the option on the menu as an after thought. The kids tucked in, I suspect out of hunger not excitement for a frozen burger. A Gourmet Burger restaurant that proclaims to use only fresh ingredients should be serving just that. Am I being harsh and shouldn’t expect much more for £2.75 ? Jury still out on that one. 

Texas bronco burger, fries and a vimto

My burger came and looked really tasty, i was litrally salivating. The benny’s logo is toasted on the bun, nice touch. Upon inspection fresh lettuce and tomato inside. The taste; well I have been to benny’s before but this time the meat was bland almost oily for around 4 or 5 bites. I actually asked the waitress if they had changed the recipe. Then halfway through my burger as I was just about to give up,  I get a zing of the signature oregano and some seasoning! Hurray! The fries tasted oily and most were dry and obviously refried. I think out of hunger I ate them with lots of salt, mayo and ketchup. Admittedly I should of said something but I was in a hurry to get the kids fed and leave. 
Would i go again ? Probably. it’s halal, convenient for lunch when shopping in the centre, and the and the fact they are accommodating to children. But I could try something else on the menu. I wouldn’t want to go back for an adult meal, which is a shame as when they first opened it seemed to be good and we had high hopes.

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  1. Never seen a logo on burger….and the burger looks droolsome….You have done a wonderful review by covering all the topics which are necessary while checking out a eat out….Good Job…

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